Hayett McCarthy shot by Julia Champeau


By Alice Butterlin

Françoise may not ring many bells in the fashion world, but behind this mysterious name lies Johanna Senyk, known for her work at the helm of Wanda Nylon, an emerging brand now on hiatus despite a successful launch. With her new foray into ready-to-wear, Senyk aims to design clothes for liberated women reminiscent of the film, music and literary icons of the 1970s: Françoise Hardy, Françoise Sagan and all the charismatic French women who left a mark on their time and subsequent eras. But who is the 21st century Françoise embodied by the fashion house? She is a woman who feels at home in the bohemian style of terracotta bellbottoms or bell sleeve mini dresses. Sensual and enchanting, Françoise luxuriates in a seventies buttercup suit, wearing the blazer open over her bare torso. Alternating between feminine and masculine looks, she prefers simple and comfortable cuts that make her feel self-assured. She opts for classics in original colors and materials, never hesitating to don an all-navy ensemble. Accessory-wise, Françoise delights in collecting handbags that add cachet to her outfits: bucket bag, soft suede messenger bag and a fringe-trimmed mini bag. Betraying a hint of nostalgia, she adopts a retro look that remains totally in step with the times.

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