Photo by Marijo Zupanov, Sponsored by Polaroid Originals


By Alice Butterlin

In just two years of operation, Namacheko has already emerged as one of the top men’s ready-to-wear brands to watch. Created by Swedish/Kurdish siblings Kurde Dilan and Lezan Lurr, Namacheko showed its first official collection in January 2017 in Paris, and the brand has been all the rage of the fashion world ever since… Through their collections, the designers aim to explore issues of social integration and marginalization. In their hands, fashion reflects a rapidly changing society whose boundaries are constantly redefined. Cultural identity takes center stage in the Fall/Winter 2018 collection, inspired by discussions between the designers and their cousins in Iraq. Blending Kurdish heritage and European lifestyle, the collection opposes the life the Lurrs were born into with the more comfortable life they acceded to at the age of eighteen. For their latest collection for Summer 2019, Namacheko took as their starting point Tarkovsky’s legendary film Solaris to conjure up a retrofuture atmosphere. Driven by a need to combat the banality of everyday life and inspire a little excitement in a world plagued by bleak events, the designers have added vibrant colors and fun shapes to the classic tailoring pieces that fueled their meteoric success. With trademark humility, the duo sets out to tell the kind of story we need more than ever right now…

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