By Crash

Drawing inspiration from the collaborative spirit of Elsa Schiaparelli and her will to make fashion meet with other creative disciplines, the Story project, aims to put ready-to-wear into a new perspective. Collections come and go but with a little help from inspiring models and beautiful imagery, they can remain ingrained in our minds for many years. For this Story #1, Schiaparelli decided to create a fashion film where style icons evolve around Man Ray and surrealism (an artist and a movement dear to the house). Clad in technicolor power-dresses, Anna Cleveland, Charles Jeffrey, Dree Hemingway, Stephen Jones and more prance around in front of screens where eyes and lips are filmed close-up. 

The project also announced Schiaparelli’s first bag, the Secret of Schiaparelli. It conveys mystery, intimacy and esoterism with a unique design made with an iconic golden padlock, element that has been featured in the collections since 1931. Take a look at the video below and find out more about Schiaparelli’s new salon-boutique here.

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