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Photo : Lola Hollande, Elena Mottola, Emery Ammar and Pierre Kaczmarek. © Antoine Harinthe

Fashion phenom Pierre Kaczmarek set out to launch his own clothing brand at just fifteen—against his parents’ wishes. The name he chose for his new venture: Afterhomework, like an expression of his burning desire to escape his studies by inventing his own designs, which he has perfected from one year to the next. In 2016, while he was still only seventeen, Kaczmarek teamed up with stylist Elena Mottola. And thus was born the brilliant duo who now offer up geometric forms, unstructured cuts, and deceptively simplistic looks that respond to society’s perpetual transformation. Garnering praise from the international press, they have become one of the youngest duos ever to present their creations on the Paris Fashion Week runway.

Today, Afterhomework has grown into much more than a brand founded by two precocious talents. It now operates as a home base for Parisian artists, musicians, and graphic designers, a studio in which each member contributes in his or her own way to the expansion of a modern-day art group that is forging a fundamentally French identity.


Written by Saskia Maitrepierre.

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