Photo by Boris Camaca. Oksana is wearing Moncler by Simone Rocha - dress in nylon technique, shoes in calfskin with synthetic fur, nappa leather and sequin flower beading, gloves in nylon laqué, backpack in nylon laqué


By Crash

Eight artists who haunted the halls of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris posed before Boris Camaca’s camera in a portfolio devoted exclusively to their unique personalities, published in the latest issue of Crash. Attired in Moncler Genius, each artist embodies their own form of creativity and irreverence. They echo the eight designers who each put their own spin on the Moncler DNA, from Simone Rocha to Craig Green. The Moncler Genius project takes a step further today with the opening of two concept-stores called The House of Genius in New York and Tokyo where all the pieces from the eight collections are sold until the end of the year. Here is the portfolio brought to life in a series of videos capturing the mood of each promising artist.

Simon from Crash Magazine on Vimeo.


“My paintings are rooted in a close observation of certain everyday items. Each canvas restitutes fragments of the visible world that allude to the present day, such as a door, IKEA furniture or the outline of a friendly face, which then melt into colored materials and disappear under thick surfaces. Superimposing layers of gray and blue reveals more than it covers; all that is given to see is thus bound up with all that eludes the gaze.”

Projects: I’m taking part in the 23rd edition of the Prix Marin in 2019 and I’m part of an exhibition in February 2019 that explores the connections between visual arts and perfumery.


“I like creating multisensory environments through installations, video and sculpture. I combine ‘artisanship’ and technology by using and modifying organic materials – such as acoustic foam crystallized in salt or caramel, which then changes state as it melts.”

I’m taking part in the exhibition Sans Titre at Art-O-Rama in Marseille, which begins at the end of August. I also have a solo show at Warsaw’s Piktogram gallery in October. I have a residence in Tilburg at Gastatelier Leo XIII during that same month. I graduated with honors from the Beaux-Arts School of Paris in 2018 and I also won the Friends of the Beaux-Arts Prize.


“It’s a photographic project that uses genre and subgenre to reflect on various aspects of images, while focusing on the qualities of surface(s), or the tactile quality of the visible, because that forms the link between simulation (of the image) and reality.”

I was invited by Éric Poitevin to work with a small group on a photography exhibition that will open in early October at Ar(t)senal in Dreux. The project will also include a book.


We were devastated to learn of Oksana’s passing shortly after our photo shoot. We wish to pay tribute to her with these photos. She described herself in these terms:

“I’m a sextremist, feminist artist and iconoclast (destroying the idols of the patriarchy). You can find my biography in Alan Margot’s documentary I Am Femen on Netflix. I’m a political refugee in France, since I cofounded the organization Femen in 2008. I fight against every form of domination by using art as a political weapon. Now I’m concentrating on painting, using the symbolism of religion to critique religion. I paint traditional icons in an iconoclastic way.”

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