The Plastic Age, a documentary for G-Star Raw



By Crash redaction

i-D creates short documentary to raise awareness against ocean pollution

It is not that long ago that we talked about Raw for the Oceans, the capsule collection initiated by G-Star Raw, Parley for the Oceans and Bionic Yarn aiming at recycling plastic waste from the oceans in order to subsequently reduce ocean pollution. The initiative gave birth to the first ever denim made from recycled ocean plastic, obtained through an groundbreaking procedure of ocean plastic transformation into fabric yarn.

Today, i-D Magazine has released a short documentary on its YouTube platform called « The Plastic Age », directed by Jake Sumner. For G-Star RAW, the film addresses the issue of ocean pollution by following scientists and activists in their mission to secure our oceans for future generations. The film focuses on what is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, an area in the Pacific Ocean where plastic waste from all over the world agglomerate and supposedly reached the size of the state of Texas. With positive solutions and tangible ways to address the issue, the film reflects on a modern society that has already produced an estimated 700 million tonnes of plastic that are now floating in the oceans. There is always time for change, and here is a cause worth fighting for. / #plasticage #rawfortheoceans

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