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Photography by Yann Morrison

They are two : Jean-Sylvain (sing, guitar, synth) ,  and Thibaut (battery).

They are young and dynamic, their music is a summary of several inspirations, from new wave to pop synth and new electro. Juveniles follow the line of New Order & Bronski Beat.


I saw that your album was produced with Yuksek, can you tell us more about this collaboration with Pierre Alexandre Busson?

Jean-Sylvain  : We contacted him for our 1st EP. He had never heard about us, we introduced ourselves to him our music and he had a crush on it. He wanted to realize our album, that’s why we spent our time all together in his studio between Rennes and Reims from September to December.

Thibaut:  We lived with him, it was a kind of family, it was fun.


Rennes and Reims are now known as towns which reveals new talent, for you is it an advantage to come from Rennes?

Jean-Sylvain :  This is cool we are all good friends, right now I think about Safari and Popopopops. Jean Louis Brossard who used to launch famous bands thanks to transmusicales, and who gave us the opportunity to make a residence Ubu in Rennes.


I saw you on stage for the summer garden live in the Emporio Armani store, Blvd St Germain, what is your relationship with fashion?

Jean-Sylvain  :  It’s cool, but actually, we do not necessarily seek to bring our music to fashion. For Emporio Armani, it was a partnership with Modzik, there was no conscious attempt, only good feelings.


What would be the ideal place where you would like to play?

Jean-Sylvain  :  I like the Woodkid’s performance on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower, it’s nice! We would like to play on the American stage, of course, NY, LA for Coachella among others.

Thibaut: Maybe in Australia, the Festival Agricultural Show in Wee Waa where Daft Punk launched their new album. We have a project which is confirmed in Beirut – Festival sponsored by Coca-Cola.


How would you describe your music?

Jean-Sylvain  : It’s pop, universal songs with lots of synth


What kind of music inspired you in this album? 

Jean-Sylvain  : A little bit of everything but we mostly listen to 80’s, electro, pop and new wave.


Upcoming first album : June 10,  2013


Céline Rey





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