By Roisin Breen

For the 2023 edition of Paris+ by Art Basel, Diptyque has given artist Joël Andrianomearisoa carte blanche to create an original work in what will be their first time to present at the prestigious art fair. Diptyque was founded by three multidisciplinary artists so creation has always been at the core of the now iconic Fragrance Maison. Andrianomearisoa’s piece is a poetic trilogy, inciting audiences and viewers to imagine a different world. 

The collaboration between Joël Andrianomearisoaand Diptyqe began life two years ago as part of the Diptyque Grand Tour for the house’s 60th birthday celebrations when they asked him to create an original work which explored the notions of imagination, the dream world and his chosen fragrance, L’Autre. This eventually accumulated in an œuvre of thirty-four poems and a new fragrance. This project for Art Basel is a continuation of the relationship between the artist and the house, “It’s a never-ending story that we continue to write together, in an uncertain and infinite time.” Said Andrianomearisoa.

The trilogy created specially for Basel, entitled UN AUTRE MONDE, in a multi medium exploration, incorporating drawing, writing, sculpture and paper to add sensuality and dimension to the œuvre. Rising from the center of a white space, the first work, DANS UN SOUFFLE SUR UN SONGE CONTER UN AUTRE MONDE, is a monumental metal sculpture-poem that draws the eye in and summons the imagination. The second, THE LABYRINTH OF PASSIONS, is a black silk paper collage that exudes the scent of L’Autre, like an abstract evocation of a garden. The third, UN AUTRE MONDE, is a printed manifesto, a collection of multiple stories – texts, images and specially produced drawings – revealing Joël Andrianomearisoa’s intimate universe.

In his desire to materialize emotions before, during and after the exhibition, the artist has added two other chapters to the trilogy of works presented by Art Basel during Paris+, helping to sustain the exchange with « the other ». A few days before the exhibition, a handwritten letter will open the dialogue by inviting selected recipients to come and discover the installation at the fair. After the exhibition, a lithograph of the poem will be sent to them, as well as to other visitors and enthusiasts, extending the journey begun. At the same time, the windows of the Maison’s Paris boutiques will be decorated with the artist’s poetic invitation to discover the project.Spread out over space and time, UN AUTRE MONDE draws on the power of dreams and the senses to create and construct a new narrative, out of time.

An artist who is consistently using poetic diaspora to provoke and materialize emotions, accepting and even celebratory of human existence as opposed to problem solving or solution seeking. His inspiration comes from the world around him, an artist sensitive to every rhythm and movement of the earth, using these pulses and rhythms to propel his artistic exploration. “I’m inspired by everything and nothing. I’m inspired by the breath of the world, its moods, its flashes and heartbeats. How the world breathes, wavers and sometimes smiles.” He says.

The city, in particular Paris, is fundamental to his artistic practise, the life, temporality, architecture, humanity, machinery. All this which exists inside a city provides a backdrop for understanding the core of Andrianomearisoa’s work. 

« UN AUTRE MONDE  is based on a shared desire to tell a different story, a journey to another place, together. « One » for singularity. “Other » for the perfume Diptyque, which I chose for personal reasons and according to precise olfactory criteria. And « world » to evoke travel and elsewhere.Three words that I’ve put together to form a title, three elements as a starting point for the project, referring to the three works I’ve placed in the space.”

UN AUTRE MONDE by Joël Andrianomearisoa for Diptyqe at Paris + by Art Basel will be on display from 18th to 22nd October at the Grand Palais Éphémère, 2 place Joffre, 75007, Paris.

For more information please visit www.parisplus.artbasel.com

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