Vivienne Westwood supports End Ecocide with short film


By Crash redaction


These last weeks, there has been a lot of talking about the environment, mainly due to the COP21 which took place in Paris at the beginning of December. Today, the End Ecocide on Earth initiative unveiled a short film starring Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler to raise awareness against the pressing issue that is the surexploitation of the Earth by us humans and its catastrophic consequences on our biosystem. End Ecocide on Earth is an organization created in order to find solutions to protect the Earth, which considers human malpractice in regards to the environment (the ecocide) as seriously as a genocide or crime against humanity. In the short film called « Trouble in Paradise », Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler embody Adam and Eve, who are banished from the Garden of Eden and quickly faced with the horror of ecocide on Earth. The film distorts the aesthetic of René Magritte and gives it an even more disturbing symbolism. When citing Magritte’s famous painting, Golconda (1953), the film transforms the falling men – originally the allegory for the uniformisation of society – into a dangerous rain of Earth exploiters. The apple hiding the man’s face in The Son of Man (1946) is replaced by a series of representations of human malpractice: mining, deforestation, fracking, and of course the almighty money. The film’s message is not to be undermined: our planet, our home, is dying. As every ounce of hope seems vanished, Eve finds the strength to condemn ecocide in a symbolic trial where she is the judge. Penalization of ecocide is the tangible goal the End Ecocide on Earth initiative aims to achieve with the creation of an international law, which would have to be voted by 82 countries internationally. Such a law would force industries leaders and governments worldwide to recognize and put a hold on their ravaging practices, and would give room to legal action should they not respect the law. As Westwood puts it: « This law is an essential tool in the battle against climate change. We have to create a momentum and make the law against ecocide happen. »

Join the movement and sign the petition on / #EndEcocide

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