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LAFORMELA is a ready-to-wear fashion brand founded in 2010 by a Czech-Slovak collective consisting of Miroslava Kohutiarova, Katarina Kopkova, and Antonin Soukup. The trio of designers met during their studies at the Technical University of Liberec. Since then, the creators have become a fixture on the official fashion schedule, while showing their seasonal collections at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Prague held on March 17-24, 2017.

In 2011, they presented Raven, their second collection, at Prague Fashion Week, and earned an award at Czech Grand Design in 2014.

The goal of these three designers is above all to redefine the concept of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. The independent brand draws inspiration largely from 80s and 90s subculture to produce an innovative urban style.

For the Autumn-Winter 2017 collection, the creators have chosen to reflect their nostalgia for the post-1989 period in Czechoslovakia. In this way, their designs propose freedom and authenticity through their ingenious lines.

By presenting an audacious combination of colors and materials, LAFORMELA creates a hybrid collection that combines multiple elements and a struggle between cotton, polyester, wool and leather from Czech producers.

In this new world of united colors, where a dress can double as a long shirt within a juxtaposition of a variety of elements, we discover a new style worn in an original way. For example, now you can wear a coat on one side of your body and a simple shirt on the other. A skirt can have two faces and a glove can be tied to a chain and worn as a belt.

Reminiscent of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, you can now don several identities and wear different styles on your body.

In this sense, what we find is a revolution in the ways we wear garments, liberating us from the constraint of wearing just one item in particular.





Images : © LAFORMELA

Written by Sarah Konté

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