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In May 2017 the Paris-based experimental brand Aganovich will be on Kickstarter, a society of crowdfunding for creative industries that gathers a community eager to support inventive projects.

On Kickstarter Aganovich will distribute this new line called Invisible Acts. This is a desire to create link between their established public and a new one through this visibility. By calling their project Invisible Acts, Aganovich refers to a leading British anarchist who claimed the most truly anarchic act is the invisible act of kindness. For this precise project, Aganovich tries to form a community of the invisible people who operate in the shadow to create beauty and quality in an ethical way between producers and users.

This line focuses on only one item, the workwear jacket, in order to raise some ethical reflexions. Because the workwear jacket is the result of a manual labour and also a representation of the sense of protection. Invisible Acts joins a slow-woven fabric discovered by Aganovich called “drill” who uses increasingly rare non-GM cotton and also a French co-op factory.



Written by Sarah Konté

19-02-2017_14-25-07_model shots





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