By Crash redaction

As Raf Simons goes into his second year at Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, he has once again turned to long-time collaborator Willy Vanderperre to shoot the pre-fall 2018 collection. After a mysterious haunted-like barn for the last campaign, this time the scene was set in a wooden warehouse with colorful Warhol prints on the walls. As part of the house’s collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, some of the pieces are covered in pop art prints from floral zooms to American flags. As the iconic artist once did, Raf Simons works around the notion of classic American values and aesthetics, twisting them, sometimes poking fun a them but always in a subtle way. The cowboy, the cheerleader, the housewife, the high school jock or the preppy book nerd: all the clichés of American society serve as inspiration for Simons. Cowboy boots are a shiny silver, chunky wool ponchos are given the pop-art treatment and slouchy knitwear is extra large and voluminous.

Discover the photos of the campaign below.

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