By Crash redaction

“It’s easy to see the world in black and white. Good or evil. Happiness or pain. War or peace. But in reality, we are surrounded by nuances, colors and shades.

Last year, my friend Maya told me an incredible story about some young people in Syria who risked everything to find joy. They were doing something you and I would

find ordinary: partying.

Except they were trapped by the fear of bombardment. So for them, partying was an act of courage and resistance.

Inspired, I visited Damascus — a living paradox. In between the devastation and ruins, I found the kindness of humanity. Generosity, relationships and renewal in the oldest capital in the world. It was a great reminder to celebrate life in all conditions, and something we should all learn from.

Let’s not think of refugees as numbers, but as human beings. As equals without hierarchy or discrimination. Refugees carry so much from the past. The homes they left and the loved ones they lost.

But today we have a simple choice. To accept their tragedy, or use our platform to spread an important message.

We’re not saying that fashion is the solution, but we should use our voices to raise issues and shout loudly, and do anything we can to create a better world.

That’s the purpose of this collection. A piece of theater inspired by courage. A reflection of the pain and beauty I witnessed in a war zone.

If I talk about it, then maybe you will talk about it too. And maybe you will be touched by what you see. Then together, we can infuse change. For peace”.

— Charaf Tajer



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