By Roisin Breen

Cocooning is a harmonious journey that starts with textures, moves through colors and materializes in enveloping shapes, leading to the definition of a way of being that knows no constraints. The new collection’s lightness flows from clothes intended for everyday life to garments to be worn in private moments, from the time spent in one’s own privacy to that shared with others.

The Cocooning Collection represents the most intimate and personal dimension of Loro Piana: a selection of pieces meant to be used within the household, but also beyond it, ideal for moments dedicated to meditation, relaxation and refuge, that enriches with value and emotion the time spent with oneself. An idea of well-being that is always suggested by products that gently envelope the body and accompany it.

Overturning notions of inside and outside, the Cocooning Collection proposes undergarment shapes in knitwear. The translation of familiar forms into unexpected materials is another expression of the Loro Piana pursuit for multi-sensoriality and harmony. Ajour slip dresses, trousers and shorts in cashmere are mixed with crop tops, camisoles, long cardigans, hoodies and turtlenecks. Ribs add texture and rhythm to cardigans, shorts, socks and thigh-high socks. The sense of smoothness and coziness carries in the accessories as well: home boots, soft cashmere home slippers and knitted boules.

Elegant lines, softness and comfort are the characteristics of a Collection conceived for anyone who wants to embrace nature, thanks to the use of natural and noble fibers, such as cashmere, Baby Cashmere, cashmere and silk and cashmere jersey, making everything pleasurably supple. The light and harmonious color palette ranges from Nougat to Candoglia Marble, from Kasha to White Snow.

Suspended in a private dimension but able to adapt to any occasion, the Cocooning Collection captures the quest for comfort and coziness by giving it the unmistakable Loro Piana touch.

The Collection is available now in selected Loro Piana stores worldwide.

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