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Serving as the last episode to Alessandro Michele’s ‘Trilogy of Love’ series, Epilogue reveals the Gucci Cruise 2021 collection. Choosing to put forward its teams who work tirelessly to build the collections each season, the house photographes its designers, stylists, researchers and casting directors, dressed head to toe in the vibrant pieces. An important initiatives that changes the rules of fashion and shifts the eye from an idealized idea of a runway to real life people. What goes on behind the scenes becomes the focus point of Gucci, for a totally transparent view. The Italian designer never ceases to question the dynamics of fashion, which have had to be changed after the unprecedented crisis the World is facing right now. Michele explains:

« This quest began last February. At that time, I wanted to honor the magical ritual of the fashion show: a unique and sacred liturgy through which creative thought is revealed and offered for interpretation by a community of free spectators. I wanted to lift the veil on the backstage of this ritual. I used an inverted perspective by moving my fellow travelers to the center of the stage: that collective intelligence, inspired and sensitive, that makes the delight of beauty possible. What to expect when you unveil what builds illusion? What happens when a ritual is desecrated? How do we rethink the marvelous, the revelation and the suggestion? »

Discover some looks from the collection below.

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