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In times of concern about sustainability, the possibility to reinvent fashion though upcycling is given a voice at the Cité de la Mode et du Design, from December 8th to January 21st.. A  « Fashion and Upcycling » event is organized during the Loov Kultuur exhibition (literally meaning « creative culture » in Etonian),  gathering a selection of Estonian creative talents as Reet Aus committed to slow fashion and, particularly, recycling fashion.

The exhibition will present a series of events immersing the public into the work of fashion backstage by fashion activists. A viewing of a documentary will be offered: Out of Fashion, featuring the Estonian designer Reet Aus going all over the world, from the hustle and bustle of fashion weeks to the roots of garment-making from South America to Bangladesh. The viewing will be followed by a talk with Reet Aus, Sakina M’Sa and ECO TLC on subjects like ethical production, the actual lifecycle of an item of clothing and the ways to make the fashion world a more sustainable place. Among the exhibition itinerary, you will find Size Doesn’t Matter, a design display made of 70 objects and accessories demonstrating the eastern style based on extreme functionality and refinement, as well as Igloo, a sauna installation and a christmas-themed pop-up shop.

Created in collaboration with the Estonian ministry of culture, the exhibition aims to offer an immersion into the local folklore and lifestyle of the country as well, while celebrating its one hundred years since independence. It will also be the occasion to mix the visions of both Estonians and French artists inspired by what the eastern country has to offer, like Raphael Gianelli-Meriano who will present a selection of photographs from his book About Estonia.

Sakina M’Sa

Voog Chair by Studio Mihkel

© Rapahael Gianelli-Meriano / About Estonia

Cushions by Mare Kelpman at the christmas pop-up

Chick stool by Maria Racsta

Find more information about Loov Kultuur here.


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