10 years of Gucci and Unicef

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By Crash redaction

Today Gucci and UNICEF are celebrating ten years of partnership. Raising awareness and gathering donations to help children’s education, especially girl’s, is the main goal of this operation. This partnership provides better education and courses to children living in Mozambic. In order to celebrate this ten years of close collaboration, the filmmaker Christina Voros has produced as documentary, « Growing Tall », a short-film demonstrating the good impact of education on women’s personal development. As a matter of fact, the number of children going to class increased of 1 million during the past ten years. Now Gucci is proud to announce that more than 7,5 millions children had the chance to actually go to school thanks to their 20 millions dollars donation. However, the road ahead is still long, since in Africa one of five children doesn’t have the opportunity to have access to education. This philanthropic action is the most important in Gucci’s history, as the brand desires to reinforce this commitment with the campaign « CHIME FOR CHANGE », launched in 2013. Recently Gucci concentrated on the project « School For Africa », a programme that expanded education access for young girls, orphans, and children living in extreme poverty. Gucci has managed to achieve great goals in terms of education since 2005: 8,700 teachers were trained, 300 classrooms were built as well as sanitary facilities and watering places. We can only applause such initiatives, which ally fashion and humanity care around the world.

www.unicef.org / www.gucci.com


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