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LUEDER’s new Journeyman collection focuses on exploring brand idendity, masculinity and healing. Journeyman is developed around the figures of diverse, creative, self-expressive young Londoners struggling for a sustainable future and eager to find community. The collection incorporates the traits of neo-pagan folk clothing with LUEDER’s medieval tailoring.

This season draws inspiration from a cult classic 90s film Waterworld.

The film is set in a future where the polar ice caps have melted, raising sea levels to the point where almost all land is submerged. LUEDER empathizes with a current and palpable circumstance: the threat of global warming and the need for protection through a dystopian collection of protective clothing that blends the brand’s signature hybrid utility, sportswear and waterworld.

The collection features regenerated waxed nylons, water-like draping, and stock satins with iridescent finishes, elements that give the collection a wet-effect fluidity. 

 Alongside the collection, LUEDER’s SS24 presentation featured sculptural representations of amulets by artist Thomas P. Grogan that aim to symbolize man’s perpetual fascination with connection and communication, emphasizing the relationships between the tangible and ethereal essence that surrounds us. LUEDER is also collaborating with Budapest-based multidisciplinary artist David Varhegyi on a sound installation that creates a sense of space using sound fractions from shopping malls.

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