© Hellen van Meene


By Alice Butterlin

This years marks the tenth anniversary of the Max Mara ‘The Cube’ collection, a selection of outerwear and accessories made with a focus on research and development. Centered around the extra light down coat, the pieces are modular and filled with Siberian goose feathers for warmth and comfort. In tune with a modern-day lifestyle, jackets are reversible, customizable and can be worn sleeveless as vests if needed. All packed in small practical cubic bags, the outerwear can be carried everywhere. Waterproof, windproof and with incredible thermic properties, the jackets go a step further in wearable technology.

Max Mara celebrates ten years of innovation by calling in three photographers that each translate their vision of ‘The Cube’ through square fashion imagery. The Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene, who is used to capturing life in a square format, was no stranger to the exercice. Inspired by the timelessness of Rembrandt paintings, her photographs use dramatic contrasting lighting and grandiose poses to create impacting images. Max Farago, who is a long-time collaborator to Max Mara, has photographed his wife Clara Cullen in the iconic down jackets in very simple, static poses. The minimal background highlights the product and makes it pop. Rinko Kawaushi has given a very personal vision of the collection with lo-fi images of her friend in the Japanese nature. The model seems enveloped in light, as the warm jacket would envelop you on a freezing winter day.

Some of the pieces of ‘The Cube’ collection have been shown as cult objects at the Fashion Institute of Technology at their Fashion and Technology exhibition as well as at the Staatliche Museum of Berlin.

© Rinko Kawauchi

© Max Farago

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