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Mossi presented his SS22 collection at the Carrousel du Louvre.

An hommage to his roots, he collaborated with artist and fellow Malien, Ibrahim Ballo, the pair creating a rich colour palette inspired by the diversity of their country. Combining acrylic paint and wool embroidery, Ballo developed a unique artisanal technique inspired by ancient textile production, that he then himself appliqued on to the garments.

The show featured original music created especially for the occasion by his childhood friend and musicien Nawa Sylla and guests were treated to food made by caterers ‘Meet my Mama qui révèle’, a selection of traditional Malien dishes and West African drinks: the event was so much more than just a fashion show, it was a celebration of a rich and diverse culture with the clothes as pleasing as all the additionnel little touches at the event.

Discover all the looks from the collection below:

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