By Roisin Breen

Pasticceria Cucchi is one of Milan’s most historic shops. Founded in 1936 as a “Café Chantant” by Luigi Cucchi and his wife Vittorina, it regaled its patrons with late night food and evenings enlivened by a Spanish orchestra which played dance music straight from the US until late. The cafe itself was flattened by allied bombing in August 1943, but was quickly rebuilt and took on its definitive identity as a cake and patisserie maker and soon became one of the symbols of Milan, frequented by musicians, poets, actors and writers, from Giuseppe Ungaretti to Gabriele Salvatores. The shop is still owned by the Cucchi family and third generation sisters Laura and Vittoria, are passionate about continuing the work started by their paternal grandparents, combining traditional sweets – like handmade panettone – with masterpieces of the cake-maker’s art.

Created by Massimo Giorgetti in 2009 partnership with the Paoloni Group MSGM is a fashion brand with a contemporary feel and constant new ideas, stemming from inspiration from music and contemporary art. Massimo Giorgetti has the ability to combine his passions with all of the most innovative aesthetic and artistic expressions found in the digital world. The outcome is a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes and lines that inexorably capture the attention of the public, making MSGM one of the most intriguing fashion brands of the moment. 

For the Christmas holidays 2022, MSGM and Massimo Giorgetti are dressing in Milanese tradition. The typical Milanese Christmas dessert “panettone” has been an emblem of the story of the city since the 15th century, and since 1936 that of a family who over the years have made their shop (not least because of the famous panettone) one of the most fashionable places to meet up in Milan.

 The two worlds, fashion and patisserie, have come together once more (after previous collaborations for the main women’s FW18 collection and Design Week 2019 with the “Caffè Concerto Cucchi” by Cristina Celestino) to create a mix of images and flavors for Christmas 2022. The collaboration translates into the creation of a MSGM-look panettone and a limited-edition capsule collection of clothes, accessories and lifestyle items featuring both firms’ logos combined.

 The panettone will be available from the end of November 2022 at the Cucchi shop and at while the capsule collection will be sold exclusively at the MSGM flagship stores in Milan, London and online at

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