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By Crash

Net Plus Ultra is a group exhibition, as a “cabinet de curiosités” orchestrated by David Magnin at the Gallery Mannerheim & Co in Paris.  Between AR / VR and analog pieces works, the interpenetration of the artworks presented in this group exhibition, is linked by a thread that connects each of them with the idea of ​​small archeology of connected art.

We start with Wolfgang Staehle, who is the first artist to have created a website for art and artists since 1995. Here he presents more recent pieces that are generated by software from data from Gmail and Facebook accounts from friends which were « cracked ». From software and data he draws the portrait of each according to the typology of their networks.
Miltos Manetas, is the first painter who introduced computers or video games in painting on canvas, we had until now images of Epinal : ladies and gentlemen reading, lunches, bathing, he followed the course of things and continued to paint the world as it goes. Here, he presents drawings / theoretical slogans, such as « Outside of the Internet there is No Glory », or keyboards to which he connects the directions of the letters that make up the names of Marx, Marinetti and himself. Miltos Manetas is also founder of the NEEN group, the first 20th century artistic movement launched at Gagosian in NYC in 2003.

Marie Maillard has been developing digital works for several years, she has made video wallpapers, and her work is a form of exploration, a way of virtually rethinking architecture or decoration. Here she presents a piece in augmented reality, UNIT 1801, a PVC carpet with a motif that reproduces for target image the floor of Palazzo Grimani in Venice. She modifies colors and designs a scenography of the geometric shapes of ornamental marble tiles. We can discover them by downloading her application on iPhone or Android, and order a woven carpet or an ornamental pavement that can be also seen in enhanced reality.
Nora Renaud imagines a life without internet, or post internet, as an end of the World announced where we would find objects like this carcass of iPhone in Bronze, a similar computer in wood painted like a trace left by men who would like to write the story. Or a faux fur rug that is an imaginary aesthetic of these future modern cavemen who remember the # as a powerful symbol.

The exhibition runs through May 12, 2019.

Nao Okawa + Rafael Rozendaal

Nora Renaud – “Rug – archelogy of internet”

Marie Maillard – “Unit 1901”

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