By Alice Butterlin

While lockdown has been mostly unsettling, painful and stressful for the world, some artists have also found a time to reflect on their work, reassess their subjects and gather their thoughts. For those who are the most creative while at home, it’s been a productive period, away from all the daily distractions and human interactions – which can be both good or bad. Hélène Mastrandréas is one of those artists who felt a creative surge while quarantined, and decided to capture the essence of the strange moment we were living and how it translated online. For many, Instagram has helped keep connections alive and gave the opportunity for women to exteriorise their body insecurities or simply escape from reality by existing through an imaginary avatar. Questioning our relationship to our skin envelope, Mastrandréas teamed up with models from around the world to create sensual snapshots of daily activities like role play, bondage, danse, make-up and so on. We are given a glimpse into intimacy, a voyeuristic voyage into a woman’s cocoon. With the lockdown, suddenly everything that used to be private is exposed. With OKLOU’s “SGSY” as the soundtrack, the bubblegum sweetness of a girl’s bedroom meets the unease of a shaken society.

Discover her video below.

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