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To continue this momentum of collaboration with artists, Nike has chosen the founder of the Sans titre (2016) project Marie Madec to create a program of patronage and residency in the Nike’s building rue Auguste Barbier in Paris for one month. For this artistic experience, this independent curator has appointed the German artist Robert Brambora to invest the place.

This artistic project called Air Biennale shows works of young emerging artists in an old industrial building located in the fifth arrondissement. The idea supported by this project is to present the creation itself raising in an ephemeral place.
We are witnessing an artistic collaboration where artists are also curator, where the pieces of art are a creation and the installation another creation too. Different works, from paintings and ceramics to installations, by Antoine Donzeaud, Alexandre Silberstein, Marteen Van Roy, Marcel Hiller, Rahel Poetsch, Robert Brambora and Agata Ingarden are settled in “pavilion”, in logic of an underground anti-biennial and hidden pieces of art in contrast with the Biennials which are happening these days.

In this residency artists form a sincere community based on the concept and around the aesthetic idea AIR. Through the transparence and opalescent pieces of art we can see the imaginary developed by this community and enter in a new way of creation and presentation of creations. AIR is the spirit that dictates the creations in this assembly of artists.

These artworks translate the concept of revealing the hidden things, the things such as the feelings which are difficult to express by words but that we can try to express by the creative movement itself, by the process of the artistic experience.

In Air Biennale the concept of residency generally closed to the public, is here reinterpret by letting people for only three days to participate to this experience by being an active spectator of this community and interacting with the artists by seeing the machinery of the artistic process

Résidence : 27 mars / 14 mai, visites sur demande, Rue Auguste Barbier Paris 75011
Exposition : 19-21 mai avec un vernissage le 18 mai, 18 rue Larrey Paris 75005

Written by Sarah Konté

Capture d’écran 2017-05-29 à 17.02.13Robert Brambora

Capture d’écran 2017-05-29 à 17.02.43

Marteen Van Roy at boutique, 2014

Capture d’écran 2017-05-29 à 17.02.52

Alexandre Silberstein

Capture d’écran 2017-05-29 à 17.02.22
Agata Ingarden

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