All photos by Frank Perrin.


By Alice Butterlin

Yesterday Nike hosted a very special event to showcase its ongoing commitment for the next generation of female athletes. After France winning the Football World Cup last year with its male team, the female team is ready to take home the precious prize next summer, from June 7th to July 7th. And it’s all happening at home! Female football has long been overshadowed by men but more and more people are realizing that women have their role to play in sports and should be regarded as strong competitors. Forty of the top female athletes were present yesterday in Paris to help unveil the fourteen national team collections in a huge fashion show. Nike has a long history of supporting professional athletes and strives to give women the spot they deserve on the fields and in the eye of the public.

Nike announced different projects and one of them was a three-year partnership with UEFA Women’s Football. This means we’ll be seeing Nike balls used in matches but it also marked Nike’s collaboration with the Together #weplaystrong initiative. The brand is also encouraging girls to get involved in sports, by partnering with “Sport dans la Ville” in Paris, training female coaches and providing different classes, from football to boxing, to the new generation.

Many adjustments were made to cater to 2019 female bodies and new demands. From the form of the collar to the length of the sleeve, every detail was taken into consideration to create the perfect uniforms. The fit of the garments can have a huge impact on how the players perform. The first French shirt is dark navy blue with the tricolor flag on the end of the sleeve and the second one is white with navy blue polka dots. We’ll have to wait for the summer to see these uniforms in action!

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