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‘LOVE IS LOVE’ is the message, heard loud and clear, at Bentley this season. The words were boldly printed across the body of the Bentley car as it toured the streets of Paris with Crash Magazine for fashion week and the rounds of the Spring / Summer 2022 collections.

Featuring artwork from designer Rich Morris, who depicted faces and dancing figures all united by the ‘love is love’ slogan, the four wheeled model first began it’s life at its’ home the Crewe factory before embarking on a tour of a series of events in a move designed to promote diversity, engaging both internal and external efforts at the company.

It’s a strong focus for the Luxury car manufacturer, seeing the strategic team promote a programme they are calling ‘Beyond100’ that pledges to promote diversity within management to 30 percent inclusivity by 2025. 

Entitled ‘The Unifying Spur’ the project, the car as its mascot, will see the team seek to promote a more richly varied team of people working at the company, aiming to be more reflective of its’ customer base and richly diverse cultures and countries in which the company operates within. Celebrating humanity in all forms and the power of unity, regardless of race; creed or sexuality, the car and the ‘Unifying Spur’ will become the spearheads of the global campaign to nurture and treasure talent in all its uniqueness.

Development programs will be introduced within already established departments and talent centres, alongside a new approach to talent acquisition in order to ensure that Bentley provides a safe environment for people from all walks of life to work in, and equipping all of its team members with the ability to reach their full potential.  

With its headquarters and manufacturing based in Crewe in the United Kingdom the company operates on a global scale, currently employing around 4000 people at its headquarters alone, the impact of this message from a global leader in the luxury car market, will likely ripple through its surroundings and the industry. A refreshing move, full of measurable steps that will hold the company accountable. Bentley is clearly taking seriously the challenges faced today in creating more inclusivity within business, it was a pleasure for Crash to have been a part of this exciting project.



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