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Since Thursday 16th December PIASA has been host to auction, ONLIVE sales, proposing a new type of format, auctioneers are invited to participate remotely and to bid via their smartphones or computers.

Via the diffusion of live video, ONLIVE pushes boundaries, incorporating modern technology seamlessly into the world of auctioneering.

Bringing together a varied range of several works and objects, across the mediums of jewelry, modern and contemporary art, design, photography and furniture design, all under one theme. Collectable pieces, and the art and notion what it means to collect, is the key element spanning across these four, other wise disparate, sales.


Emblematic fashion designer Jean Colonna, is proposing a selection of his intimate belongings and archives, which offer an insight into the personal life of the designer, and a peek behind closed doors at some of the works and arts that have played a key part in his life thus far.

The collection comprises of a spectacularly diverse collection of objects, including but not limited to: photos of Bettina Rheims, who was close friend of the creator; pieces by Andres Serrano and Nan Goldin; there’s a collection of books of significant social and cultural importance by artists, photographers, and celebrated writers, all friends and acquaintances of the 1980s fashion icon; there’s furniture by designer Christian Astuguevieille; an ensemble of objects of art collected during the course of his travels, in Nepal which is a country very close to his heart, and also in Korea, the Congo, Indonesia, and Australasia. Not forgetting a collection of special pieces of clothing by the designer himself, including the dress worn by Isabelle Adjani in Numéro magazine, 2017.

‘’This collection, or rather, this accumulation of moments, is an intimate part of me, and of my life, which I have rarely shared with the public.

We grew together, they have been my companions, and we have shared many an intimate moment.

I developed a strong and intense rapport with each of these pieces, (books, sculptures, plates, furniture, and more.)

I respected them and they nourished me.

They were the silent witnesses to my reflections, my doubts, my pleasures, and my daily routines.

They became like family.

It is thanks to them I had the blessing to meet so many passionate, captivating, and inspiring people. Photographers, artists, writers, artisans, or simply ‘the anonymous.’

With each item, there were exchanges, time travel and genuine friendships.

The sale won’t put an end to all that.

It’s going to breathe new life into each one.

No regrets and no nostalgia. We will always have the memory of the time spent together.

Au revoir mes Intime(s) ‘’


Discover the ongoing auction online now at PIASA.

Bettina Rheims (born in 1952) Traci Lords Smoking a Cigarette in the ‘Valentino Room’ of the Alexandria Hotel, April 1994, Los Angeles


Salla Tykkä (born in 1973) Power, 2000

Nan Goldin (born in 1953) Untitled (Jean Colonna in fitting with Jodie Kidd), 1994

Lot of photography archives by Jean Colonna comprising : – A Jean Colonna Promotional Calendar, 1996

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