Bottega Veneta - lamb satiné coat


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A Q&A with Marjan Jonkman.

Did you always dream of becoming a model?

Not at all. I didn’t even think about it. Although since being a kid, I sometimes got compliments from people saying I should model. I thought they were always joking. The older I got I felt like I wasn’t in the right place. I was studying languages and cultures at university and lived in a student house. I felt like I had to leave and travel around the world on my own to get to know myself better. When an NYC scout (Lanny Zenga, now my best friend) found me on Instagram and asked me to come to New York, I felt this was the moment. I saw modeling as a big joke to try out and didn’t expect this trip would change my life fully. (laughs)

How does the dream compare to the reality of being in the modeling industry?

As I said I never dreamt of modeling. But for all the girls who do, I’m sure the dream looks much more glamorous than the real model life. Living in a model apartment is everything but a dream, so I managed to escape that quickly and started to live with freshly made friends of mine in New York. Also, when you’re a new face who is nobody yet, you don’t get treated well at all, at least not me. I was waiting for hours and hours at castings, and while walking for them they didn’t even look up or notice me. Thanks to my personality, I started to stand out from all the other new faces very quickly. After my first show and campaign (Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane) it was a different story, my agents saw me suddenly as a new star and I could skip casting lines a lot of times. But still, the glamour isn’t always here. I always say, the people who watch the shows should have a look backstage, there is no glamour to be found there in my opinion. (laughs) Also late night fittings, waiting on the floors or stairs at big brands, etc… That ain’t no glamour. (laughs) Parties are glamorous though, and the minute of walking shows as well. The fashion industry is a crazy world with fun and less fun sides, but I am forever thankful of Lanny for noticing me on Instagram. Since the start of my modeling career (six years ago), I learned so much about life and about myself, much more than I would ever have learned in school.

Are you more of a dreamer or down to earth?

That’s a hard one. I would say I’m a little bit of both. I’m very down to earth when it comes to my work, but I love to fantasize and dream about my future.

Do you remember a lot of your dreams when you wake up? What is the craziest dream you remember?

Yes for the most part, when I wake up I do remember my dreams. The most important people in my life are in my dreams very often, as well my horse that I had for ten years and who recently died. My craziest dream is that as a kid I regularly dreamt that I was in a car with my brother and sister, and my sister (who was still a kid by that time) suddenly knew how to drive a car. She drove us everywhere! (laughs) The fun thing is that she actually got her driver’s license very quick and easily, she only needed the minimum amount of lessons.

What would your utopian world look like?

My utopian world would be a pink world full of cats, horses, Hello Kitty and flowers. A happy world where no one ever complained. Oh, and everyone would be vegan and there would not be a difference between the rich and the poor, everyone would have the same amount in their bank account.

For you, is fashion made to dream or should it be a reflection of reality?

To me, fashion is art. It can go both ways, but to me it should be like a dream. Newspapers are made to show the reality, fashion is made to dream and escape from reality.

Tell me more about the SOS Children’s Villages project.

I am really a family person; I can’t imagine a life without them. To me it’s very important that every child grows up in a loving family. That’s why I became an ambassador of SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGES (for a year now). This worldwide organization enables children to have a loving home with parents or carers. Every child needs a loving home to grow up in, and the aim of SOS is to help families all over the world make it happen. Last year I went to Uganda, which was my first trip with them. This year I’m going to go hike in Ghana for two days together with my siblings and a hundred other attendees. It’s a sponsored hike where you have to get as many donations as possible beforehand. My siblings and I are a team and we’ve already raised 5,000 euros! I am also selling my friend and I’s tee shirt line for it and it’s going really well! I love giving something good back to the world; to me it’s more important than my own career.

Bottega Veneta – lamb satiné coat, wool body

Bottega Veneta – lamb satiné coat, polished nappa skirt

Bottega Veneta – lamb satiné coat, polished nappa skirt

Bottega Veneta – cashmere and wool sweater, Cotton Sweater, polished nappa pants, sterling silver brooch

Bottega Veneta – polished nappa pants

Bottega Veneta – double cotton coat, shiny cellophane skirt

Bottega Veneta – lacquer satin shirt, lacquer satin skirt

Bottega Veneta – shiny cellophane anorak, knit viscose sweater

Bottega Veneta – polished nappa biker jacket

Bottega Veneta – wool coat, polished nappa pants

Bottega Veneta – Wool coat, wool pants, lacquer satin shirt


Photographer : Gareth McConnell
Stylist : Louise Borchers
Models : Marjan Jonkman @Women Management
Aaron Lewins @Models1
Make up : Mel Arter @CLM Management
Hair : Sophie Jane Anderson @D+V Management
Casting director : David Chen
Photographer assistant : Dan Gurton & Jurrga R

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