By Roisin Breen

IMAGE CREDIT: Nocui Album Artwork by Okuyama Taiki

Saint DX 

I Don’t Care 

Remixes by John FM and Caro♡

Saint DX’s latest single, I Don’t Care, is a sonic journey through the mind and emotions of the talented French producer and artist. The song, accompanied by two diverse remixes by John FM and Caro♡, invites listeners into a world where rhythm and introspection coexist.

A track that combines a mesmerizing breakbeat with lyrics that carry a mix of carefree exuberance and underlying darkness, I Don’t Care, reflects on the turbulent summer of 2022, marked by scorching heatwaves and devastating forest fires across Europe. Capturing the essence of surrendering to the moment, dancing away troubles, and embracing the facade of happiness.

The accompanying music video, directed by Marvin Leuvrey, transforms the mundane into a surreal and cinematic experience as Saint DX’s character grapples with imperceptible dreams while navigating the relentless pace and crushing reality of an urban landscape.

Adding depth to the release are two remixes, each offering a distinct interpretation of the original. John FM, hailing from Detroit and associated with XL Recordings, infuses his version with a Detroit Funk/Darkwave perspective, altering the song’s narrative subtly. On the other hand, Caro♡, signed to the renowned PC Music label, takes a more intimate and raw approach, gradually intensifying the atmosphere and culminating in a punk-inspired finale.

Kenya Grace 


Kenya Grace’s Strangers is making waves worldwide, combining a melancholic vocal performance with a drum & bass rhythm. The song has quickly climbed the global charts, on both Spotify and Shazam.

Grace’s emotive vocals convey heartbreak beautifully, while the energetic drum & bass beats add a unique dynamic. This fusion of storytelling and music has struck a chord with a diverse global audience, making it a standout track of the season. Whether you’re nursing a broken heart or seeking an electrifying musical experience, Strangers promises to leave a lasting impact.

Belau ft. Myra Monoka


Belau, the rising dreamtronica artist hailing from Hungary, has been making waves in the European music scene since their Grammy-winning debut LP The Odyssey. They have notably already achieved numerous international successes, gracing the stages of renowned festivals like Primavera, Sziget, and SXSW. Their latest release, Focus, featuring Myra Monoka, is a taste of what’s to come on their upcoming album Apriori, set to drop on October 27th. Exploring the theme of self-discovery and navigating life’s challenges, Belau believes in rediscovering ancient wisdom to make meaningful decisions in a complex world. The track is a soothing journey which provides solace through modern electronic beats and heartfelt lyrics.


Starlight Delight

Berlin-based producer, composer, and sound designer NOCUI is back in the spotlight with his latest single, Starlight Delight, a preview of his upcoming EP of the same title. NOCUI, also known as Italian-born Leonardo Di Fiore, has earned acclaim for his meticulous sound craftsmanship and his ability to blend absorbing rhythms with seductive and unforgettable club music, drawing inspiration from a wide range of influences, from 00s house to Mediterranean and Latin sounds.

Starlight Delight takes listeners on a journey to a carefree disco-acid wonderland. Pianos loop, 303 synths bubble, and saxophones swirl through a captivating sonic landscape. As the inviting vocals encourage us to ‘dance tonight and forget about all your problems,’ the track immerses us in the euphoria of late summer, reminiscent of the joyful abandon found at a Pikes pool party, with a margarita in hand.

Cardi B ft. Megan Thee Stallion


Two of the hottest names in the rap industry, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, have teamed up for a sizzling collaboration. Cardi B, known for her fierce rhymes and undeniable charisma, has been a trailblazer in the music industry. Her previous hits like Bodak Yellow and WAP have dominated the charts and established her as a powerhouse in hip-hop. Megan Thee Stallion, equally renowned for her lyrical prowess and empowering messages, has enjoyed immense success with tracks like Savage and Hot Girl Summer.

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