By Roisin Breen

Festival season is coming and we can’t wait. With the miserable weather in Paris determined to drag on through May we’re setting our sights on long summer nights dancing in fields and shaking off this eternal winter. First up on our list of must-do’s this summer is the ever-inventive Panoramas Festival. In its 26th instalment the festival has decided to move its programme from a spring spot to the end of the summer, giving us all something to look forward to as we return to the city after the summer break. 

Panoramas is one of the hottest festivals to look to for new up and coming underground artists and this year’s line up is no different, featuring some of France’s most diverse and groundbreaking DJs, electronic producers and rappers. Full of promising future faces it also boasts an almost 50% female/ non-binary lineup. In celebration of representation and diversity, here’s our round up of the artists that we’re most looking forward to dancing with: 

Alex Shell

Paris’ very own mermaid DJ Alexi Shell has been on our watch list for some time now. Releasing her debut album Sirens in March of this year Crash had the chance to interview the DJ of the moment who has been lighting up Paris’ dancefloors at legendary parties such as Barbieturix, La Tragedy and La Chosen Family. She’s a pioneer for feminist and queer voices in the electronic scene and an artist who moves freely between the decks, ambient vocals and performance pieces. You can check out our interview with her here…



A self-taught producer, composer and performer, Eloi is an artist who is constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of pop, synth, electronic, rap, bubblegum bass or indie rock. You name a genre and the young artist is sure to have flexed her musical flare within it at some point.. After a daring move remixing the Wejdene hit “JTM” with sincerity and generosity she’s claimed her place on the most-played lists of the year.



Eurodance, trance and hyperpop are the Terrain De Jeux (TDJ) of Geneviève Ryan Martel, singer and producer from Montreal. Bringing the dance music of the 90s and 00s with great sincerity, TDJ demonstrates an unstoppable sense of melody with her irresistible techno pop tunes. The Quebecoise knows better than anyone how to magnify the codes of Gen Z and is keen to join forces with other artists who share her vision, such as Panteros666 or Paul Seul of Ascendant Vierge.



Emerging from the WARRIORECORDS family (the LGBT activist label and purveyor of uncompromising sounds), Uzi Freyja is the turbulent little sister of the rap movement. Formed around the French-Cameroonian rapper Kelly Rose, the trio Uzi Freyja strikes a chord with its radical electro rap, perfectly in line with the hard line of the Parisian label. With Stuntman5 and Fontondanger on production, Uzi Freyja evolves between Nicki Minaj-like venereal rap and industrial trap reminiscent of the fury of Death Grips and Ho99o9. On stage, the group increases its seductive power tenfold with dense and ferocious shows with devastating energy.



20th to 24th September 2023

Pays de Morlaix (29)

For tickets and full programmation please visit 


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