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On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Carré sur Seine Prize, the association which  aims to contribute to the influence of contemporary art in France and abroad, POUSH hosts the exhibition La Casa.
La Casa is located in the big 2000 m2 space of POUSH, characterized by a very large skylight as high as seven meters.
The exhibition’s two curators, Chiara Parisi and Yvannoé Kruger, asked the sixteen featured artists to choose their own artworks  based on the idea of a suitcase whose contents can accommodate works of art and objects. A kind of container of life that can collect and carry one’s memories and intimacies. It is from this very concept and representation that the title, La Casa, meaning « The House »,  was born and expressed in its highest and most evocative form; our dwellings are the innermost places where we hide and live our truths. 

POUSH is an innovative place dedicated to contemporary artistic research. Opened and made public in 2020, it has progressively housed more than 200 artists in as many as nine floors of structure at Porte Pouchet in Clichy.  Since April 2009, POUSH has been continuing its adventure in Aubervilliers with the big ambition of transforming that part of the city into a true art and contemporary art district. 

Artists: Raphaëlle Bertran (2022), Sandra Calligaro (2015), Benoît Carpentier (2016), Clédia Fourniau (2021), Alice Grenier Nebout (2019), Floriane de Lassée (2019), Caroline Le Méhauté (2020), Emeric Lhuisset (2022), Juliette Minchin (2020), Victoria Niki (2018), Marie Quéau (2017), Luca Resta (2022), Camila Rodriguez Triana (2021), Amélie Scotta (2020), Françoise Vanneraud (2019) and Rayan Yasmineh (2021).

Exhibition dates: February 3rd – February 24th

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Caroline Le Méhauté, Négociation 34, Porter surface, 2015. Tourbe de coco, bois et métal, 110 x 185 x 135 cm

© Axel Dahl

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