By Roisin Breen

The old is dying and the new is bursting through the seams with PRISCAVera’s Spring/Summer 2023 cast of characters. Each silhouette is first of all someone and possibly everyone. Together they form a collection that celebrates the offbeat, the heretical, the misplaced and most of all the fact that we all fashion ourselves. Leather, poplin and mesh; lingerie, mini-skirts, bathrobes and boxers; prints from the recent past and from an undefined future overlap with cheeky cut-outs. PRISCAVera thus furthers her imaginative and customer inspired endeavor of re-defining elegance through a unique narrative approach that places humor and individual fancy at its core.

PRISCAVera was founded in 2015 by Prisca Vera Franchetti in New York City. Characterized by impeccable quality, PRISCAVera speaks to a feminine that embraces human dualities and dives into the absurdities of contemporary life with a defiant sense of freedom and humor.

 Craftsmanship and silhouettes rooted in Franchetti’s Italian upbringing, form the backbone from which she experiments and shapes her witty designs. Employing bold prints developed by the designer herself and always at the cutting edge of color and fabric, PRISCAVera strikes a balance of its own between the classic and the futuristic. | @priscavera


Styling: Delphine Danhier

Make-up: Susie Sobol

Nail: Holly Falcone for Orly

Hair: Evanie Frausto for Cutler/Redken


Casting: Madeleine Østlie

Shoes: Albright Fashion Library

Music: Lukas Heerich

PR: Gia Kuan Consulting


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