By Alice Butterlin

The era of star designers reigning as creative directors over a studio of couture seamstresses appears to have come to an end, as more and more collectives crop up to put forth a pluralist vision of fashion. Such is the case of Gamut, which brings together five young designers from the renowned La Cambre art school, as well as a creative family composed of musicians, photographers, graphic designers, stylists, choreographers and video artists. By choosing to team up, the Gamut members are proving that teamwork leads to greater harmony, especially as each aspect of the brand is managed internally. After graduating from La Cambre, the budding fashion designers each cut their teeth at different fashion houses in Paris before embarking on their collective journey in December 2017. Crowdfunding played a role in their early setup, as their Ulule campaign allowed them to find a studio space in which they can explore the intersections of their diverse skillsets. The group’s first runway show established their style, taking place at the mecca of underground party culture Station-Gare des Mines, where noise concerts mix with techno DJ sets. Camping out in a space dedicated to emerging artists seems like an obvious choice for a group that puts forward an unpretentious form of fashion issued from the margins. The silhouettes form a motley collage of deconstructed pieces informed by menswear, androgyny, unpredictable volumes and a bold spirit characteristic of fashion’s next generation. Men wear long skirts and gloves with sequined fringes, while women flaunt revisited tailored suits. The brand also displays an offbeat sense of humor with pants made from a tartan scarf and double bill hats. Gamut is also known for the “Chosen Family”, its flagship event that combines parties and concerts with soundscapes and clubbing. In this way, the brand proves that family can mean so much more than forced cohabitation between people who share the same ancestry. It’s also about freely-chosen relationships based on kindness and never-ending dialogue.


Photographer: Bertrand Jeannot
Stylist: Pauline Grosjean
Models: Alejandro Flores, Lény Bernay aka Jardin


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