By Alice Butterlin

Created in 2002 by the Korean designer Madame Woo, Wooyoungmi has covered a lot of ground in its history, traveling from Seoul to the runways of Paris. Endeavoring to create the ideal men’s wardrobe, the fashion house designs collections inspired by contemporary art, architecture and travel. One thing is certain: the Wooyoungmi man is an aesthete, something of a dreamer and open to the world. In 2014, the brand welcomed Woo’s daughter, Katie Chung, who has brought in a breath of fresh air and a youthful spirit. As her mother steps back from the company this year, she was appointed as the brand’s sole creative director. While preserving the house’s codes, she has championed a more offbeat and contemporary vision through stunning pieces that are a perfect fit for the times. The house’s latest collection for Fall/Winter 2018 conveys a sensitive, sensual and almost feminine vision of masculinity. Turning to muses like David Bowie and Etienne Daho, the collection revolves around the New Wave, new romantics and the androgynous spirit of the 80s. Through rhinestone pendants dangling from the ear, thick kohl eye liner and shoulder epaulettes, the young designer offers up a striking take on rock star swagger. In keeping with her style, the collection presents a relaxed and mischievous allure with oversized suit jackets, misbuttoned dress shirts and white western boots that offer the perfect finishing touch. Following a summer collection which highlighted youthful skaters in neutral tones, the fall collection displays a darker palette featuring leather total looks and distressed leather jackets.

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