By Crash

The luxury watchmaker Richard Mille has just opened an incredible flagship store in the heart of Manhattan. As the biggest Richard Mille boutique in the world, it stands triumphantly on 46 East 57th Street which is also known as “the Billionaire’s Row”. Quite fitting for a company that caters to high-end customers with a knack for one-of-a-kind watches.

The boutique was thought out as a genuine window on the house’s incredible craftsmanship, showcasing a glass facade that has been engraved to ressemble a sculpture translating the twirling movement of the RM 008 watch. Cutting-edge technology meets refined design. The visitor can visit the two story boutique by taking the elevator, constructed to ressemble the iconic Richard Mille cases. In this floating capsule of sorts, time stops until you reach the mezzanine where a bar and VIP area awaits you. “From the company’s earliest days, a standalone boutique in New York City has been a top objective for me but I am never one to rush a project if it isn’t perfect. For New York, where the boutique is an important showcase with global visibility, it was well worth waiting for just the right location, and the right space.” declared Richard Mille.

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