maison lutétia


By Maxime Der Nahabédian

‘Sublimate, never change’ has been Maison Lutétia’s motto for years.

Located in a beautiful 1887 hôtel particulier in Paris’ 17th arrondissement, the French destination for aesthetic medicine has created a custom experience of high-quality and scalpel-free procedures for both men and women to enjoy. A global leader in esthetic medicine as well as in hair transplant (with the revolutionary, non invasive method called ‘DHI’), Maison Lutetia also succeeds in providing their patients with the full experience, be it comfort worthy of a five-star hotel, the guidance of dedicated staff and doctors, as well as high-end treatments and machines. The Maison’s latest milestone? The Softlift, a new treatment using a cutting-edge technology called “high-intensity focused ultrasound” (or HIFU). This non-invasive technology, used for the face and body, is the latest ally in the game to help fight aging or slackening of the skin, using ultrasounds to stimulate collagen production and ablate fatty tissue. The Softlift is the only technology of its kind currently on the market: while completely safe, it allows medical skin lift and rejuvenation and doesn’t require social eviction at all. After the 30 to 60-minute session, results are seen almost immediately and will improve over the following 3 to 6 months.


Maison Lutétia, 6 Rue Ampère 75017, Paris,

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