By Roisin Breen

“As a Pisces, I have always had a strong relationship with water. Like a call from within to meet the depths of life, it appeared early in my childhood during some of my first swims.

This season I wanted to explore the idea of water as a metaphor for emotions. Water can take on so many forms and change circumstances, like emotions, it can be calm and peaceful, like a still lake on a sunny day. Water can also be turbulent and wild, like a raging river during a storm.

Strong and delicate have always been the foundation of the brand, I cherish this idea of duality, it created the signature: a sharp cut in delicate fabrics with refined details.

During my creative research I looked at 18th-century Romanticism, as the art movement also focuses on emotion and imagination. The Painting Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar Friedrich has been on the wall of the studio for as long as I remember. Friedrich’s paintings are characterized by their focus on the relationship between nature, humanity, and the divine. He is also known for his use of symbolic elements and his exploration of the human psyche. With the music “Flower boys – Saint Ivory” in the background, the story

of the fall-winter collection was written: Waterboys, the strong sensitive.”

The fall-winter 2023 collection embodies the duality and explores water’s multiple faces. Prints and shapes inspired by German Photographer Caroline Koenigs artwork translate into knitted jacquard. A deconstructed jacket with an open chest with tulle plissé suggests waves crashing onto the shores. As a result of constant research and mentoring, the collection is adorned with haute couture savoir-faire: hand-sewn embroidery, leather embellishment and organza silk layering. Steven Passaro offers a purist vision of tailoring du jour with delicate details for modern men.”

Steven Passaro


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