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The selects is a digital showroom that showcases the best of Korean talent; the aim is to bring emerging creativity and design from Korea to the global market.

An exclusive selection of recognisable signatures, strong identities and superior executions, handpicked by industry leaders and insiders. This season features 9 promising brands, including C-zanne, EENK, eyeye, Hankim, NEUL, The Studio K, Verso, Wnderkammer and Youser.

“Our showroom has a simple goal: to bring the fresh perspective of emerging Korean talent to a global audience. From the start, it has always been essential for us to support our designers and create genuine, organic relationships with the industry – buyers and press alike – by accompanying the development of participating brands over the course of 2 years,” says The Selects’ team. 

As travel challenges continue for fashion professionals, The Selects offers by-invitation virtual showroom that will run until October 24, hosted on the state of the art platform- ‘Le New Black’. One-to-one appointments can be scheduled for a personalised journey through each collection.  

The Selects is supported by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), a one-stop immersion into the multifaceted and vibrant Korean creative scene.  At once a promotional platform, a creative showroom and an events agency, the digital showroom will run until 24th October.

Discover the designers below:


A pure wash of bright and fresh colours incarnated into the SS22 collection is a longing for precious daily life, seen through the lens of movement-focused designs of C-ZANNE, transmitting the rigidity of tailoring into singular, flowing shapes. 


For Spring/Summer 2022, EENK imagines a world beyond reality in the latest collection entitled ‘U for UTOPIA’. The past is within the future and the future is within the past in this collection of poetic dreams in pastel tones and exacting craftsmanship. Playful childhood memories, idyllic nostalgia and futuristic optimism co-exist in this strange and beautiful world of imagination to be explored. 


A collision of athleisure and feminine touches, EYEYE is designed with fast-paced, city living in mind. Supple and elegant, in a delicate colour palette which is livened up with embellishments, this season brings a soft yet directional focus for the brand.



The beauty and fluidity in human movement is the inspiration behind designer Hankim’s collection. By examining sudden transitions of one position to another, he captures the female form in his clothing. An ultramodern exploration of femininity, a wardrobe based on tailoring and elegant silhouettes.



It’s a lazy Sunday morning for NEUL and each woman can express her style freely and comfortably through this palette of bright neutrals and quietly bright tones. Signature details of shirring, frills and volumes come out to play with delicate details for a lounge-y vibe for lazy summer days that extend into night.


Innovative, contemporary and evolutive, THE STUDIO K strives to reflect the latest trends while studying the interactions between fashion and technology. As such, the Spring/Summer 2022 collection addresses the post-Covid world with its virtual interfaces and everyday joys.


VERSO develops a quietly refined, staunchly sustainable philosophy, weaving timeless pieces designed to underline the inner self. Fusing together contrasting notions; with warm and cold colours; light and heavy textures; this seasons collection focuses on a harmony that characterises the brand.


‘Oil on Canvas’ is the Spring / Summer 22 collection of WNDERKAMMER where minimalist silhouettes and clean details express an understated charisma, inspired by American painter Milton Avery and his emotional and atmospheric work which put feeling over technique in the realms of artistic expression.


YOUSER’s signature graphic style is grounded in contemporary art and urban subcultures. The latest collection ‘8. Melange Club’ is an anticipatory fantasy inspired by the meeting of 8 strangers in a nightclub. Expect a hazy blend of dressed-up guests, skin-tight threads and mirror-facing conversations.










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