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The Selects is a fashion showroom hosted by the Korea Content Agency (KOCCA) with the goal of promoting Korean young fashion designers abroad and creating a fashion culture hub where consumers in the global market can experience Korean fashion by showcasing young emerging Korean talent in the fashion hubs of New York and Paris. The project began in 2018 and is actively responding to changes in the market environment through an offline showroom, but also an online platform (Le New Black.)

The designers introduced by Selects were selected through a review by not only Korean, but also global fashion experts. They provide opportunities to showcase Korean fashion and culture, focusing on designers with rich brand growth potential and design originality.

In particular, for the SS23 schedule, as the global pandemic restrictions were lifted, an offline showroom was opened in Soho, New York to conduct sales, and the Selects campaign video was presented on the Nasdaq billboard in Times Square. Nine brand participated this season: C-ZANNE, EENK, EYEYE, HANKIM, NEUL, THE STUDIO K, YOUSER, VERSO, and WNDERKAMMER. 

Discover the brands at The Selects showroom in the Korean Cultural Center in Paris from September 26th onwards.


C-ZANNE is a creative design house who believes that fashion is in the eye of the wearer. Expressed within the designs, carefully constructed to move fluidly with the wearer, they focus on the individual elements that are able to offer a greater meaning to the outfit. The designer is inspired by  minimalism and Korean Hanbok costume, in which the beauty is beheld in simple and clean cuts. Based in New York and Seoul, the lifestyle brand has two separate identities. C-ZANNE collection, and CIE-ZIE, casual line.





YOUSER is a high-end contemporary brand which launched in 2011. Inspired by subcultures and art it is based on Deconstructionism. In the last eight years, YOUSER has grown up steadily in the core markets of Asia and Europe, and has achieved outstanding growth. YOUSER is divided into mens and womens wear and presents collections in Paris, Shanghai, and Seoul. They are constantly developing designs for sustainability and the future, and aim to tell new stories in innovative ways. Graphic artwork is YOUSER’s unique competitiveness and provides them with the ability to express their story in a variety of techniques and methods.





WNDERKAMMER is a reference to a collection of items that are able to evoke certain memories, like in the times before the invention of the camera. A nostalgic, sentimental feeling attached to physical items and objects. The collections are cohesive lines defined by minimalist silhouettes, organic materials, and clean details that reflect understated charisma.





Verso means the back of paper in french, the left page of the book. Verso channels this feeling and provides wearers with the process of discovering and finding their hidden side. Verso’s collection allows the natural permeation of one’s taste and value according to the way each person dresses, aiming to focus on the quiet ‘inner self’ beyond the clothes.




The Studio K 

The Studio K is a high-end clothing retailer and is best known for its “modern sensibility” styles. They offer a unique design of “affordable luxury with modern sensibility.” They also focus on a balance between technology and fashion design based on a study of history, culture, and science. They have a unique concept and design by reflecting on the latest fashion trends with an innovative idea for every different season. They combine modern silhouettes and colors with new technology and media in design.




Neul is a Verona and Seoul based contemporary womenswear label which was launched in 2015, in an attempt to revamp the everyday wardrobe with a bit of a twist. Rather than being iconic designs of a period, NEUL seeks to create timeless pieces which will never wear out of style or lose their chic appeal.




Hankim, a contemporary womenswear brand founded by designer Han Kim, debuted at Paris Fashion Week SS20. He reinterprets the beauty of modern women and adds experimental colors and witty details in a way to unravel her brand values. Since then the brand has been expanded through Paris and Shanghai Fashion Week.




The new contemporary womenswear label EYEYE was created by designer Kathleen Kye as a diffusion line of KYE. After obtaining a BA and MA in fashion at London’s Central Saint Martins uner the late Louise Wilson OBE in 2011, she launched her own label. KYE’s strong statement of unisex high-end streetwear and representation of youth culture gained KYE recognition as one of the leading young brands in Korea. EYEYE is a focus on fancy clothes and witty designs with simple silhouettes.




EENK was created by designer Lee Hyemee, a brand with boldness and passion which crosses from fashion to art to lifestyle. While pieces look into the curiosities of the moment they have the unmistakable taste of the designers classic vintage sensibility. She has an exciting and diverse background, ranging from womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, textiles and accessories. Hyemee is currently the director of the EENK “Letter Project” and will continue presenting unexpected, unconventional color to fashion.




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