By Crash redaction

An ode to the rich heritage of the finely crafted jewelry house founded in Rome in 1884, the latest jewelry collection from Bulgari, B.zero1, is fiercely unique and minimalist in style. Taking inspiration from the cylindrical architecture synonymous with the city’s iconic Colosseum, the collection is infinitely groundbreaking, with pieces evoking the pioneering spirit of the house and coming to life in ambassador Zendaya, her strength and independence rendering her a radical leader of the new generation. Stackable rose gold bangles, precious encased diamonds, cutting edge black ceramic inserts and irreverent gold studs, all come together to constitute a collection that knows no fear. Breaking all conventions, it is designed for the avant garde wearer, untameable in spirit, irrelevant of gender. B.zero1 is reflective of the daring and unflinching nature of the house of Bulgari.

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