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Founded in Brussels in 1829, Delvaux has consistently shared its vision of innovative and unpretentious luxury with the world. Deeply rooted in a Belgian way of life, the brand wasted no time in turning to its country’s classic artistic movements in order to lend a contemporary touch to its models. In this way, Symbolism and Surrealism have both mingled with its exceptional craftsmanship. Just in time for Christmas, Delvaux is unveiling its “Winter Rhapsody” holiday collection, displaying Slavic winter landscapes 3D printed on the Brillant Bolshoi and Brillant Varykina bags. Featuring the enchanting domes of Byzantine architecture, the black, white and gold bags evoke a graphic winter wonderland. Delvaux infuses a bit of modern fantasy into classic shapes. 

Small decorative pochettes embellished with screen-printed feminine faces hang from the bag’s handle, acting as cash and credit card holders. The mink-lined charms are a smart and practical accessory that adds an edge to the Brillant. While one bag – the Brillant Bolshoi – is totally flamboyant, covered in gold sequins and black embroidery, the other one is an invitation to discover the sophisticated landscapes of Russia. On the other hand, the Mini Brillant Blooming Crystalline ressembles a delicate snowball with its crisp white leather and pastel flower patterns. Find more information about the “Winter Rhapsody” collection here.

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