Franz Kafka, Berlin, 1923 © Archiv Klaus Wagenbach


By Crash

The Fondazione Prada in Milan is welcoming an exhibition from February 21st through July 27th, inspired by three unfinished works by Franz Kafka, America, The Trial and The Castle, all posthumously published between 1925 and 1927. These novels, by their unfinished nature, provide multiple and open readings and interpretations that visual artist Martin Kippenberger, film director Orson Welles and legendary experimental electronic music band Tangerine Dream explored for this project. Titled “K”, the exhibition allows the visitor to experience three possible creative interpretations of Kafka’s work through cinema, art and music. First there is Martin Kippenberger’s installation The Happy End of Franz Kafka’s “America” from 1994, which has never been exhibited in Italy before. The piece reimagines a scene in the book America when the protagonist Karl Rossmann, after a trip accross America, applies for a job at the “biggest theater in the world”. This extensive artwork focuses on the notion of the fictional utopia of universal employment. Then, there is Orson Welle’s film The Trial from 1962, based on Kafka’s book bearing the same title. A black comedy considered to be one of the director’s masterpieces. The exhibition is finished off with Tangerine Dream’s album Franz Kafka The Castle, which came out in 2013. Crafted as a concept album, the piece will be played on a loop in an enclosed space where visitors can immerse themselves in the sonic explorations.

Find out more about the “K” exhibition on the Fondazione Prada website.

Anthony Perkins. The Trial (1962), directed by Orson Welles
© 2020. Album/Scala, Firenze

Edgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning
Tangerine Dream, Phaedra Farewell Tour. O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London, 2014
© Eastgate Music&Arts, Berlin

Exhibition view of “Martin Kippenberger: The Problem Perspective”
MoMA, NY, 2009
Photo: Thomas Griesel
© The Museum of Modern Art, NY

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