Heron Preston for Calvin Klein


By Maxime Der Nahabédian

“No more, no less than what we truly need”. Essentials in fashion are sort of a fantasy: that of a piece of clothing that will stand the test of time and remain relevant outside the realm of seasonal trends. Calvin Klein has always been known for its timeless essentials and minimalist aesthetic: white tees, briefs, and of course the iconic pair of jeans. Calvin Klein is pairing up with American designer and all-around creative force Heron Preston on a collection of basics with a strong attention to detail and innovative techniques. Several months after the departure of Raf Simons as creative director, the collaboration is something of a new beginning for the brand. For months now, Calvin Klein has worked with creative consultants just like Preston to explore new visions of their identity. The designer, who made a name for himself creating workwear-inspired clothing and collaborating with institutions like NASA, worked for a year on this collection simply titled “Heron Preston for Calvin Klein”. The result is a collection of basics, “essential but not generic”, with a strong emphasis on fabric quality, precision of cut and finishings – with the perfect white tee emerging as its emblem. Using organic cotton and plastic-free packaging, the collection also embodies a commitment for sustainability from both Preston and Calvin Klein. The campaign, photographed by Renell Medrano, has that iconic Calvin Klein stamp: It features a diverse cast of models and creatives wearing the collection in the intimate setting of an apartment. Among them: cult rapper Nas, skater Stevie Williams, model and body activist Ashley Graham or top model Kaia Gerber. In a world that is currently resetting, the collection embodies the perfect blank canvas to create your own story.


Discover in this documentary the elaboration of the new Calvin Klein collection by the designer Heron Preston.

Discover the Heron Preston for Calvin Klein campaign with Ashley Graham, Lil Uzi Vert, Kaia Gerber and more.

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