By Roisin Breen

The Loro Piana spirit is defined by a desire for dynamism and a sensitive vision of style enjoyed and displayed in the open air, in contact with the elements that unleash their power and beauty as the seasons pass. A feeling intimately linked to deeply Italian roots: a sense of genius loci, « spirit of place, » which encompasses both the appreciation of landscapes and the discovery of craftsmanship, and a definite taste for multi-sensory beauty, which is anchored in the tailoring and materials of the pieces. For the Spring-Summer 2023 season, this original approach to fashion design and the act of dressing took the form of a journey along the Bel Paese: a journey that began in the twilight of winter and ended in the height of summer, traveling from Piedmont to the Aeolian Islands via Tuscany, Liguria and Salento. In this itinerant setting, the variety of styles and textures unfolded with Loro Piana’s absolute naturalness, creating a harmony of contrasts, mixing feminine fluidity with masculine pragmatism, combining soft textures with unique shades, balancing the active and sporty with the indolent and precious, flowery jacquards with plain textures. Comfort was an ever-present quality, both in the impeccably tailored suits and the flowing embroidered dresses.

The collection is meant to be worn as soon as the items arrive in the store, as they become lighter and sunnier as summer approaches. Sheepskin jackets, ponchos and coats in curly wool, cashmere blazers worn with loose-fitting pants, not to mention the Loro Piana icons, reinterpretations of the men’s coats that have made the brand’s history, such as the Horsey® and Traveller jackets, the Bomber and the Roadster, paired with light printed silk dresses, cashmere sweaters and skirts, flowing pants, and Bermudas. Revisited raincoats and anoraks in waxed linen were inspired by the nautical world, while loose-fitting pants tightened at the hem creating a streamlined silhouette. Ponchos and caftan dresses barely touched the body, revealing a feminine energy.

The flow took shape with textural combinations of cottons, cashmeres and silks, and linen took center stage in a variety of weaves (fine mesh or tweed), alone or mixed with cotton and wool. All of this highlighted a palette of natural earth tones – from Pecan Nut to Toasted Hazelnut, including Hay, Rope and Nougat – with intense notes of Rock Moss Green and Navy Blue, and touches of Red Clay, Pineapple Sorbet and Sunny Yellow that play the emotion card.

The accessories gave rhythm to the season with even more ease. Silky leather was found in garments as well as bags and accessories, offering a refined yet casual look with modern saddle stitching on the new tote bags and clutches, as well as on caps and jackets. Extra Pocket bucket bags and clutches came in canvas and soft fabrics with leather details and nautical rope straps. A new soft and versatile model is introduced: the Bale bag, available in different sizes. Lakeside boots with their distinctive rubber soles, charm-embellished loafers, booties and lace-up soft boots anchor the looks to earth, while canvas bobs with leather details and crochet caps top it off.

Natural, yet perfectly orchestrated.

Discover the looks shot by @schohaja below.




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