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Spirited Away is perhaps one of the most iconic cult classic films of all time. Adored the world over by fans from every demographic imaginable, Studio Ghibli, the animation studio behind the cinematic masterpiece, who, incidentally turns 20 this year, has teamed up for a second collaboration with the Spanish luxury house LOEWE. Founded in 1846, LOEWE is the oldest house in the LVMH group.

An ode to loyalty, friendship and perseverance in the face of adversity the 2001 animated epic earned director Hayao Miyazaki director numerous awards, including the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

In the story Chihiro, our protaganist is led to believe she has set out on an atypical trip with her parents. But when they stop at a village that is not all that it seems, her parents undergo a mysterious transformation, and Chihiro is whisked into a world of fantastic spirits, shape-shifting dragons and a witch who never wants to see her leave. She must call on the courage she never knew she had to free herself and return her family to the outside world.

This imaginary world is an escape, a parallel reality and a place for viewers to learn, be moved and to grow. Studio Ghibli are the undisputed masters of fantasy, and under the direction of Jonathan Anderson, is capable of bringing this imaginary world to life through design and clothing

LOEWE has been basking in a moment in the spotlight. By injecting a bold new visual identity, a spark of spontaneity and playfulness to the brand, Anderson’s collections for LOEWE have won critical acclaim and a sufficient buzz in fashion circuits to attain a cult following of their own.

But it’s more than loyal fans and limited editions that link the two together. Both have a mastery of craft in their relative fields, and an attachment to the magic of the handmade that succeeds in binding the collaboration together. The wonderful stories of Studio Ghibli, co-founded by Hayao Miyazaki in 1985, are enhanced by an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship – an alchemy that makes for enchanting films and this love for craftsmanship and meticulousness is similarly cultivated at LOEWE, making the partnership a match made in fantasyland.

By working with tactility and three-dimensional shapes, the collection brings the characters to life just as the spirits in the film come to life in the real world. Taking Inspiration from the Japanese weaving technique ‘Boro’, (or Boromono) meaning ‘rags’ in Japanese, LOEWE created an intarsia of Katsuri textiles and jacquard fabrics especially for the collection. Referring to the clothing and textiles produced in rural northern Japan, ‘Boro’ is made by repeatedly patching and mending cloth to extend its lifespan. It is closely tied with the philosophy of mottainai – a respect and regret for anything that has to be wasted.

Characters from the film, including heroine Chihiro, the mysterious Haku, the witch Yubaba, but also Kaonashi, the faceless spirit, or Yu-Bird and the Susuwatari soot balls, emblazon clothes, blankets, scarves, as well as leather or canvas bags, tote bags and small leather goods. Their silhouettes are designed in jacquard, prints, appliqué and patches and patches, in leather marquetry or embroidery. Landscapes become giant prints, Susuwatari are reinterpreted as tassels or tufted bags. The result is, quite simply, a ready-to-wear film.

The images from the campaign shot by Juergen Teller (discover below) feature artist Duah Saleh and models Kit Butler, Hyunji Shin and Mica Arganaraz, and involve a shadow play that invokes the incessant passing from reality into fantasy in the film, leaving the whole thing exuding a joyful, overflowing sense of dreaminess – the power of a kaleidoscopic reverie.

The pieces will be available in all LOEWE Parisian boutiques from tomorrow 7th January, and at the LOEWE x Spirited Away pop-up store in the Bon Marché until 6th February.

To discover more visit loewe.com


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